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IPD ward

IPD Ward

The International Patients Department (IPD) of the hospital consists of professional experts and physicians, along with fluent English, Arabic and Turkish translators, who are available 24 hours a day, to provide medical services for international patients.

IPD unit features:

This unit has 7 suites on the fifth floor. Patients of all surgeries including urology, general surgery, neurosurgery, women surgery, childbirth, cosmetic and Reconstructive, orthopedic and pediatric surgery, Vascular Surgery, Psychiatry, infertility treatment, burn medical, internal medicine and endoscopy can benefit from this facility. It is worth noting that besides accepting and treating international patients, their companions also have special facilities for accommodating or accompanying the patient, such as in-town tour and visiting pilgrimage and tourism locations by this hospital. In addition to the fifth-floor suites of hospital, in each section, there are also 2 single bed VIP rooms for foreign patients.

Suites Facilities:

Direct dial phone, TV, WiFi access, refrigerator, wardrobe, bathroom and WC, Nurse call alert, sofa bed for patient's companion, food menu and ... are available facilities of the room and suites of this unit.

Foreign patients are advised to admit to the IPD unit located on the fourth floor. Due to the hospital translator, patients will not have a problem to admit. If the patient came to the hospital for the first time, the details will be recorded according to the passport in the system; if he referred earlier, the patient's pre-recorded profile is carefully checked and changes are applied.