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Nekuyi Hedayati Forghani Hospital

Nekuyi Hedayati Forghani Educational Treatment Center, which is known as Nekuyi Hedayati Forghani Hospital, is one of the most important treatment centers in Qom province. The first building of Nekuyi Hospital was established by the late Mr. Nekuyi for the treatment of patients in 1955. Then, according to the needs of the society, a new construction- maternity ward was established with the help of the late Mr. Mirza Hossein Hedayati in 1968. Due to the growth of population and needs, the department of radiology of the hospital started to work by the order of Ayatollah Maraashi Najafi and with the assistance of the late Mr. Seyyed Javad Jadda. Following the historic visit of the Supreme Leader from the holy city of Qom in 1996 and using some credits granted by the Office of the Supreme leader, some sections of the center were launched along with the CT scan ward. The burn injuries ward was established with the assistance of the late Mr. Rahimi and was opened by the holy hands of Ayatollah Noori Hamedani in 2007.

According to the different needs of the society, the buildings of Nekuyi Hedayati Forghani hospital had separate usages in different times. For example, Mirza Hossein Hedayati maternity ward was originally established to provide Obstetrics services. However, due to the growing need of the community and the construction of Ezadi maternity clinic near the center, the use of this maternity ward has been changed and as neurosurgery wards, operating rooms and ICU, provided services to the respected clients.

The treatment coverage of the hospital for the emergency ward and the clinical parts were twenty-four hours a day and the hospital was ready to provide services to the patients by the presence of specialists in various surgical fields including general surgery, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, and Reconstructive surgery.

At the moment, with the completion of the Forghani building, the complex has turned into a hospital with 450 hospital beds.

Nekuyi Hedayati Forghani specialized and sub-specialized Hospital with 350 beds on a total area of ​​27,000 square meters has emergency, neurosurgery, general surgery, NICU (neonatal intensive care), obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, pediatrics, Psychiatry, orthopedics wards and paraclinic wards such as medical imaging (sonography, CT scan, radiology and endoscopy), specialized laboratory, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychological counseling, speech counseling, nutrition counseling, and supporting spaces. This hospital has eleven operating rooms and twenty-three ICU beds four of which are equipped with dialysis system. There are also seventeen NICU beds in this hospital.

The center is also building a special clinic to provide more and more convenient services, which will be launched in the near future.